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Participants of an internal course "First Aid Extreme".
Crossing wild rivers is part of the practical training in Spitsbergen for our newcomers, to be able to assist customers lateron with such crossings.
Once or twice per year, we meet somewhere in central Europe for a weekend and a mixture of maintaining private contact, exchanging news and company informations - each year over the last weekend in October, and sometimes also in spring.

Our team consists of a permanent core, plus a number of seasonal freelancer colleagues. Both the core team and the freelancers work to varying degrees in all of our 3 main branches: the agency terra polaris, the tour operator part Spitsbergen Tours, and Longyearbyen Camping.

Different to many other tourism companies, the private contacts and bonds in the team play an important role during the season and beyond. Anyone wanting to join us should not only be passionate about wilderness, polar regions and working with people, but should also fit into the team. Of course, everybody needs opportunities also for retreats. But persons looking first of all for a well-paid job with as many working days as possible during the season, while interest in private contacts in the team and in time for also private activities in Spitsbergen ranking much lower, will not fit in so well. Many of us come again and again, though possibly with breaks of a summer or more in between, but our special team atmosphere, our lifestyle in Spitsbergen and the call of the Arctic are hard to resist to for a lot of us.

Annual gathering: An important institution for staying in touch is our annual gathering on the last weekend in October, usually in central Europe (mostly in Germany), for which we pick a fairly basic accomodation with pleasant nature nearby, and then spend the weekend for a combination of going on a hike, cooking and eating together, looking at lots of pictures and videos of the past season and on other polar regions and topics, exchanging news and gossip, and having some company-related üpdates and discussions with typically 20-25 participants.
For potential newcomers, considering joining us for the next summer season, this annual gathering is an excellent opportunity for gaining a multi-facetted insight into how we work and live.

As a lot of our customers are German speaking, competence in German is a clear asset. Moreover, newcomers should have good time, ideally from mid-June to turn of August/September in the first year. With repeaters, individual arrangements, also on specific tours, will be reached.
Newcomers go through a joint trainee period of about 2 weeks in the beginning of the season, which consists of units like shooting, crossing rivers, walking on snow and ice, other arctic terrain features, orientation, our logistics, practicing theoretical knowledge (about nature, history), familiarising with some routes but first of all getting a feeling for the terrain, and so on. Part of the time is spent with one of our veterans on these issues, but the newcomers will also train on their own, as this combination of teaching and own experience leads to the best results.
After the trainee periods, both sides will decide, whether staying with us for the season fits. Those who stay with us (which is normally almost all), can spend the whole summer with us with very little costs, including times where they do not work for us.
Guides will be paid on the basis of actual working days and we prefer guides who do not want to work all season but instead have a mix of work and time for own tours - this attitude fits also best into our team of persons who first of all want to experience the Arctic, in combination with work, but not only. So for this attitude, and for persons who like dealing with people, this is an interesting concept. For others, who first of all look for a maximum of paid working days, this is not the right place. With repeaters, where both sides know each other and what to expect, we make also more specific arrangements.

Apart from hiking tours in summer, we sometimes need staff also for other purposes: programs in spring or the polar night, sometimes assistants on cruises as polar bear guards, guides for sightseeing day arrangements, field assistants for research projects, logistics helpers. Most of these jobs, we give to persons who have worked for us before, so that both sides know each other, already.
So normally, the entry is spending a summer season with us, starting with the introductory period in June.

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