It is "in" today, to use nice-sounding "company policies" and "corporate identities" in marketing, which at a closer look often are not much more but non-committal big words. We are carful with such bubbles.

However, we do have certain aims and concepts, which we try to follow. As an agency, we do not run the tours – but we encourage our partners to provide offers that meet our concept of polar travel. There are less fitting activities, which we do not promote actively, and there are some kinds of programs which we refuse to sell at all. A major concern of us is to give detailed and realistic informations to our customers, including also environmental aspects, so that the customer can take them into account both for the decision for a certain tour and lateron for his own preparations and while on the tour itself.

Key points of our agency concept:

» Authentic Travel: The experience of the country stands in the foreground, not artificial "events" and gimmicks. 

» Polar competence exceeding just touristic issues.

» Less is more:  luxury can be distracting, no crammed programs 

» Small numbers of participants to intensify the experience and protect the environment

» Environmentally friendly travel in the destination areas

» Detailed advice and travel information 

» Original prices of the actual tour operators in the destination area

» Wide choice 

» Company atmosphere: family style and enthusiastic about polar areas

Last Modification: 03.01.2011