Our own polar publications:


Being active in polar areas for several decades by now, having a broad knowledge and range of contacts, and at the same time customers with a high demand for information, it is no wonder that we have produced some own publications about these remote areas, where good information is sparse.

This page will become more detailed at a later stage, then including also our posters, maps, and postcard publications.

As a start, we would like to draw your attention to the guide book by Andreas Umbreit, owner of also terra polaris:



Spitsbergen - Svalbard, Franz Josef Land, Jan Mayen. 4th edition 2009

By Andreas Umbreit, published by Bradt Travel Guides (UK).
On the market since 1991, now in its new 4th edition, this guide book has become a kind of standard publication for these remote destinations in the European Arctic.
ISBN: 978 1 84162 240 8
List price: 16.99 £

Available both via book stores (possibly has to be ordered), via the internet store of Bradt Travel Guides: www.bradt-travelguides.com , or via other internet book vendors.


Also available in a German edition (for more information about the German version, change this page to German language).

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