Based in the Arctic - for Arctic and Antarctic travel



terra polaris - specialised agency for polar regions

Based in Spitsbergen.

At a first glance, this may look like a pretty exotic address.
For sure, you will find some sellers of polar travel much closer to your home place.


Competence based on practical experience in the polar areas ...

We have chosen our base in the Arctic on purpose. Because we are not just sellers, but have strong personal ties to these regions, too. We have lived there - and not only in tourism.
Polar travel demands more competence than standard fun and beach mass tourism. We are there for those who expect a broader background than what most nearby sellers can provide, whose polar background is often limited to studies of brochures, a few books and - hopefully - a few touristic tours, if any at at all.


... and with roots in central Europe, too.

In the internet age, we rank wide polar competence higher than being based next door to our customers. None of us is just a seller - instead, all of us work at least periodically right in the polar areas, out in the field: guiding groups on trekkings, as expedition leader, assisting arctic research and media projects, lecturing and as advisors on ships, running the northernmost regular campsite, working as polar bear guard on ships or on shore. Our lifes rest with one leg in the polar areas - and with the other also in central Europe, from where most of our team comes. Accordingly, we are familiar with both worlds: the poles, but also the interests, longings and expectations of our travellers. And our information office in Germany adds to a smoother contact with our customers.



For us, this life between the two worlds of both the polar wastes and the denser populated regions is often a challenge, but also rewarding and inspiring. The resulting good motivation for our work is positively recognized by many of our customers, who - in addition to our competence - appreciate that we also put a lot of our hearts into what we do. 

If you want to know more about us: on the following subpages (see also menue to the left), you can find out more also about our history, our philosophy and our team.

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