Expeditions Consulting & Logistics


Understandably, our arctic competence accumulated over decades, is made use of also by some research projects or independent private expeditions.


Typically, this involves some or all of the following services:

> Consultance in advance, under preparation of a project

> Use of our impressive picture collection

> Setting up contacts

> Providing logistics

> Organising base camps

> Providing field assistants and polar bear guards

> Providing lecturers and expedition leaders.

Feel welcome to get in touch with us for any of these issues. While we do not work for free, usually, some of the services do not necessarily have to be expensive. And in some cases, we have provided some of these services also in exchange for other things than money - like interesting contributions to our picture or polar literature archive, or as part of a sponsoring agreement.

Please keep in mind that organising projects in the arctic usually needs a lot of time in advance, and ressources there are limited, so also they have to be reserved or organised in good time. Often, at least a year in advance is an appropriate time to get started.


See also our extra pages for: Services for Media & Art Projects and for Special Arrangements.


What we do not offer:

> Taking responsibility for projects which are run without our control. Example: sometimes it issuggested to us to obtain necessary permissions for a project in our name from the authorities, but without being in control of their later handling.Obviously, we are not willing to take the risk of such responsibilities beyond our influence. We can assist, however, with the process of obtaining permissions as part of a consulting agreement.

> Renting or lending out camps, firearms, alarm systems, etc. to projects where none of us is involved. We are willing, however, to provide camps, depots, etc., if one of us (or our partners) is involved also in their utilisation for the project.

> Also we cannot change local rules, and we are not willing to offer solutions which violate local rules or customs.

Last Modification: 19.04.2010