Special Arrangements


We get an increasing number of requests for specially curtailed arrangements for

> specific interests (photography, geology, glaciers, mammals, birds, history, geomorphology), which may be difficult to meet in depth in regular programs aiming at more general interests.

> travelling alone,  as a couple, family, group of friends - without unknown other participants, just with your own guide

> getting to regions not covered by the normal programs

> travel in periods, where no regular programs are offered

> program adapted to your specific levels of fitness and physical abilities, and the freedom of adjusting further from day to day.


For research and independent expedition services, see our specific page: Expedition Logistics & Consulting.
For media and art projects, see our specific page:
Media & Art.


Being based in Spitsbergen, most of requests refer to visits of Spitsbergen,  but some aim also at other polar destinations. Over the years, we have adapted to such special wishes and are quite flexible with trying to meet also unusual requests - within the frame of what is possible and legal.

For special arrangements, we cooperate either with our own sister company, Spitsbergen Tours, or alternatively also with one of our other partners, depending on the character of the request.


Advantages of a special arrangements:

> The program is designed solely to the interests of that group (or single person) according to the agreement with the participants or their representative - within the frame of what is possible and legal, and with the obvious reservation for changes due to unexpected circumstances.

> Changes in an ongoing program in the destination area are more easily possible on request of the participants.


What should be observed:

If you are interested in a special arrangement, we would like to give you the following initial advice:

> Plan and contact us very early - capacities both regarding needed transport and sometimes also staff and special equipment are limited in the Arctic and often booked long in advance. For some projects, it may be advisable to start planning more than a year ahead. However, sometimes wa may have spare capacities also on shorter notice.

> Study our regular programs to get an idea of what is offered there. Often this can serve as an orientation for developing a frame for a special arrangement.

> Prices depend first of all on the local motorized transports needed, and secondly on the number of persons involved, plus some other factors. Getting to remote regions make prices quickly reach impressive levels, and a special arrangement for just one or two persons will be considerably more expensive per person, than in case of a somewhat bigger group. Therefore, it can be rewarding from a financial point of view to try to find more participants with similar interests.

> Observe that some things are simply not possible. In Spitsbergen, for instance, all use of aircraft for touristic purposes within the archipelago is forbidden, except of direct flights between the settlements, without landings in the wilderness. Also nature sets limits in many ways, making certain regions more or less inaccessible, for instance, over large parts of the year.


Get in contact:

Feel free to get in touch with us for an eventual special arrangement by e-mail ( info@terrapolaris.com ).
Please mention as many specifications as possible (duration, season, number of persons, special interests, areas of interest, restrictions) and also how to get in touch with you - often, it makes sense to have an initial discussion by phone of possibilities and options on one hand, and for getting a better picture of your interests on the other hand.

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