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Seat und post address:
Postboks 6, N-9171 Longyearbyen (Spitsbergen/Svalbard)
Tel.:  (0047)-79021068
Fax.:  (0047)-79021067
mobile:  (0047)-97744696 (Season)
e-mail: und 

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Instead of contacting our Longyearbyen base, you can address requests also to our central European information office:

Information Office terra polaris
Am Boxberg 140 (visits only based on appointments)
D-99894 Leina (Germany)
Tel.: (0049-) (0)3622-901633
No regular office hours, but can be contacted on the other hand also until 20:00 central european time.
E-mail: and (internal exchange with office in Longyearbyen).

Travel arrangements from our regular program:
This webside provides a lot of information already about the tour programs of our partners, which can be booked through us. Nevertheless, we consider it to be important to provide also personal assistance in direct contact to our customers. Therefore: please get in touch with us before you book. We can also call you back (please state useful times) and send to you the needed booking forms as e-mail attachment.
Bookings have to be done on the appropriate booking form in writing, then to be posted to us.

As we offer a number of very special programs with often small numbers of participants, we have stopped printing catalogues, because distributing lots of catalogues for arrangements with few participants means not only masses of paper, but also enormous printing costs per participant, which would increase the tour prices, while it still would leave a lot of questions open.
Instead, we have built up this highly information-oriented webside, which provides you with more information than any normal catalogue ever could - and you can print those pages you are really interested in, as well. This focus on the informations relevant for you.

Special arrangements
Special arrangements curtailed to our customers needs are an important and increasing part of our work - and it is here, where our local competence counts especially much.
Logically, there are no ready-made programs for a special arrangement, this would be contradictory in itself. Our regular offers can, however, provide you with ideas about what is possible. In addition, it will be helpful if you can provide us with a detailed description of your interests, intentions, period of the year, duration, restrictions, number of participants, etc..onderarrangements nach Kundenwunsch sind ein wichtiger Teil unserer Arbeit (siehe auch > Sonderarrangements). On the basis of this, it is usually most efficient to have a talk (for instance via phone) first to check and develop some basic ideas, which then will be refined to a final arrangement.
For special arrangements, it is highly advisable to be out early, ideally a year in advance, especially if it includes limited ressources like vessel or cabin capacities, etc.. On shorter notice, special arrangements are sometimes still possible, too, but increasingly limited by ressources blocked already by other users.

Consultance for independent travel or tours booked somewhere else
Via the information on our websides, we provide already a lot of free informations also to independent travellers and the guide books of Andreas Umbreit (Spitsbergen, Jan Mayen, Franz-Josef-Land) are a further source of compact information at low cost in relation to polar travel prices.
Exceeding these services, accessible also for independent travellers, we are frequently addressed with more specific questions and problems by persons who consider visiting "our" regions, but not booking one of our programs. Others have even booked already something at other agencies, then finding out that the competence there is inadequate.
While being helpful to a certain extent, we cannot do unlimitedly the free work of a tourist information or the job of other agencies - in the end on the expense of our own customers, who pay our work. While being called by phone for a quick answer on a question not related to our arrangements is normally no problem, we are less happy about detailed written question lists expected to  be answered in writing, perhaps including even topics which are answered sufficiently on standard websites or in relevant guide books.
Therefore: we do give some free advice also on questions, which quite likely have nothing to do with our own business - as long as it is apparent that the person asking has used the easily accessible sources of information before, not wasting our time on topics, which anyone can check oneself. 
If we find the volume of expected assistance for projects not related to bookings through us inappropriate, we may suggest to help as a paid adviser for a moderate price per hour.
And it is not always money, that counts. Sometimes we find a project interesting to sponsor it with our advice or even further assistance. And sometimes somebody offers us interesting things as a favour in return - as friends of the polar areas, we are for instance often interested in unusual pictures, publications, etc.




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