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the English version of this website is under reconstruction and currently not everything is available (feel free to check sub-pages via the left menu). In some cases, you may end up on pages in another language, which then are not currently available in English. If you want to understand their content, nevertheless, we can offer you a second-best alternative:

Automatic translation to most languages:

For English, you can use the following link directly:|en|, only inserting our webside name into the URL field, start the translation and then click on "German" on the appearing entry page of our webside. The Google automatic translations will not be perfect, but mostly understandable. A few words unknown to Google will remain in the original language - and occasionally, some bizarre translations will occur.

Attention: Automatic translation of our PDF documents usually leads to poor results. However, at least most of the PDFs with the detailed tour descriptions are available already in English - please check for these not the automatic translation, but the English version of the webside.

The english new version of this webside is gradually installed, page by page. Have a look, again !

Other languages: The same Google link can be used also for translations into other languages by simply changing the target language from English to the desired language.


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If you are interested in polar travel, please contact us by e-mail ( with a description of your polar travel interests (season, destination, duration, way of travel, number of persons, special interests).

terra polaris offers a particularly wide range of travel offers to high arctic Spitsbergen, where we also have our main base. Our sister company, Spitsbergen Tours, is the first tour operator ever registered in Spitsbergen (in 1987, two years before Norway officially welcomed land tourism there). We are also involved in Longyearbyen Camping, the northernmost regular campsite of the world ( . You may also know my guide book "Spitsbergen - Svalbard, Jan Mayen, Franz Josef Land", published by Bradt Publications in the UK.

As you see, we are deeply involved in Spitsbergen, but also in the high Russian arctic, and our activities include also consulting and logistics for media projects and other expeditions, services for polar cruises (expedition leader and lecturer, polar bear guards).

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